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> If supposedly sane people....can't even manage to control themselves
>  over a sport that means nothing and by this time next year will matter to 
>  one ... how can they ever be expected to control themselves over things 
>  do matter -- the stuff that wars are fought over -- and learn to live in 
>  peace with one another?

Back in (I think) the 1970's, an important (Pan-South American championship? 
Don't ask me, I loathe Soccer!) football match was won  as the result of a 
disputed penalty. A short, small but REAL war broke out. One nation dropped 
bombs on another... over whether one soccer player had cheated. "The 
important things in life" are a matter of personal preference. In South 
America, Soccer's on the list. West Indies/India/Pakistan, it's Cricket. In 
Australia, NZ and S. Africa you might get fights about whether Cricket or 
Rugby is the One True Sport.
Highly emotive issue!


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