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> Is war good or bad?

There are some things that are hard to categorize so simply as one thing or 
the other, good or evil. War can be necessary.  Surgery to have a huge 
malignant tumor removed is an awful thing to go through but the alternative 
is probably worse. War is like that. It is ugly and destructive but often 
less so than doing nothing while the barbarians march across your world. War 
sometimes brings out demonstrations of strength and courage without which 
life would be poorer. Our souls are stirred by stories of great victories won 
against the odds, men rising to heights of accomplishment they didn't know 
they could do. Whether war is good or bad it seems to be with us until human 
nature changes and I don't see any reason to believe that's going to happen. 
So, we had better embrace war and be ready to do it very well. That is the 
way war is avoided. Be militarily strong and make everyone else believe you 
are perfectly willing to employ that strength at the first sign of a threat 
and you will probably never have to use it.

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