(EZ)I wasn't thinking about bayonet charges or blood gurgling ... I was
thinking about putting a face on your "enemy" which would make
you aware that you were killing another human being ... someone
very much like yourself. Killing at that level of contact is not as
easy as the movies and TV have led us to believe.

I would disagree. Wars are won ultimately because of the actions of these 
individuals. It is a rather good example of the dicta that the sum is 
greater than the value of the parts. If they were really so unwilling to 
fight at the personal level as you say, then wars would have stopped long 
ago. And though today the generals and rulers are to the back of the combat, 
back in the day, Alexander would lead the charge, and kill the enemy, often 
enough at close range. No, distaste for violence is NOT going to stem the 
tides of war.

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