(GV)"WASHINGTON -- It's puzzling enough that the Clinton administration, in 
a break from long-held U.S. policy, recently added ally Taiwan to the FBI's 
list of hostile spy threats to the U.S." (WP, May 2000)

(JSR)I don't read it as negatively as you do - Jill>

(GV2)Clinton, Blaire, the Group of 24 (UN Council on Decolonisation), the 
Third Way proponents, and the One World Governance proponents are counting 
on hundreds of millions of people thinking the same way.

What exactly does this mean?

Furthermore, could we please make this about our opinions, what we say, and 
not the policies of your most disdained leaders? Yes, we KNOW you disagree. 
Now, do you know how to have your own idea? I am sick to bloody awful hell 
of being asked to answer for policies I've neither created nor endorsed.

I also have a newsflash for you: I disagree with you, and I don't 
necessarily agree with the current administration.

Can we try this again??!!?

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