(RW)My point was that to make cultural comparisons (or any kind of
comparison) one needs experience of more than one culture. North Americans 
seem happy to proclaim their innate superiority without being in a position 
to make real comparisons....

I think that you could say that the US has a number of distinct cultures 
within its borders. A New Yorker is facing something different in 
Waynesboro, VA, or perhaps Rifle, CO. Also, many of these geo differences 
spring from the ethicities that abound in a region - I mean, you can't go to 
Minnesota without thinking you've entered Nordic Europe; can anyone disagree 
that Miami is heavily impacted by the Cuban immigrants?

Now, don't think I'm arguing in support of any feelings of innate
superiority. I am not. Just look at the Olive Garden - I'm thinking of
starting a class action suit, on behalf of all ethnic Italians, based on 
their false assertions of making Italian food. Once you've offered Shrimp 
Scampi, you've shown yourself as an imposter as surely the spy who changed 
fork hand.

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