You are the luckiest people in the world because today old Al has to stay at 
home waiting for various contractors to show up and demonstrate their 
incompetence in various operations upon my humble little shack. So, to pass 
the time I can share a few musings with my E-pals. All day long. Lucky people.

I was just thinking of the phrase: the benefit of the doubt. There are some 
questions that are not settled for sure but it is interesting to see how 
different people lean when there is genuine doubt. Just for an example there 
are some folks who think the Northern Spotted Owl is a different bird than 
the spotted owls that live in many other places. There are other folks, 
equally versed in bird matters, who say that a spotted owl is a spotted owl 
is a spotted owl and the little fellows who are causing the timber industry 
so much grief is not only NOT a separate and endangered species but that they 
can and do thrive in other than old growth forests. If you are a Clintonista 
and there is a question that is in doubt you will always give the benefit of 
the doubt to the side that will cripple an American industry and put people 
out of work and onto the welfare roles. The day will come, if the 
Clintonistas have their way, when the USA will be paying more for imported 
wood than for an equal weight in gold. It will come from happy, prosperous 
tree-choppers in Asia and South America. The Organization of Lumber Producing 
Countries. The American timber industry will become a memory. US welfare 
bureaucracies will be thriving. Until the merry-go-round grinds to a halt.

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