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Only in technologically advanced, generally westernized societies do we say
that looking into an enemy's eyes will stop combat.  That's because we're
the only ones fighting wars from our desk (slight exagerration, but that's
where supposedly war is going).  In every third world nation undergoing a
border war, insurgency, all-out civil war, ethnic uprising, etc people fight
and die at the (sometimes bare) hands of other "humans".  In Algeria people
chop the arms off of kids with machetes.  Is that not close human contact?
Have they been dehumanized by technology?

Here's my theory--technology makes it "easier" to kill if you don't have a
strong reason--ideological, religious, ethnic or otherwise.  But technology
won't have an impact on the base human nature that causes wars.  And taking
technology out of the mix won't significantly decrease the amount of
casualties of war--it may in fact increase it.


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