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> 'I cannot help but believe that this country, no matter the issue, is done 
>  better by justice than not. That any question that is answered with 
>  and liberty will be answered correctly. Equally true, in any area where we 
>  do not follow these truths, we shall never truly succeed. Following in the 
>  footsteps of Harry Truman, who said that nevermore would the US military 
>  fight as a force segregated by color, so too shall it be true that 
>  will the US military fight as a force segregated by gender - in any unit, 
>  any job, or any capacity. I have full faith and confidence in my military 
>  leadership to see this directive followed to its most successful end.'
>  The question that is put to the forum, then, is how would this best be 

First, submarines will be made larger to accommodate the full 
ostetrical/gynecological department  that will be needed when boys and girls 
go under the sea together for months at a time in close quarters, not to 
mention separate space for the places for the ladies to sleep, shower and 
pee. Of course if there were no attempt to segregate them aboard ship at all 
you wouldn't need the separate shower and crapper facilities. You might still 
need the space for a larger ob/gyn department, though. Or we could just leave 
a few missiles behind to make room for all the female-specific facilities. 
After all, making everyone feel good and able to have the career of their 
choice is more important than the mere mission of being ready to launch a 
full strike against an aggressor. Anchors Aweigh!

I'll be working on my implementation plan for the other services. If you 

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