(JSR)....The question that is put to the forum, then, is how would this best 
be done?

(AW)First, submarines will be made larger to accommodate the full
ostetrical/gynecological department  that will be needed when boys and girls 
go under the sea together for months at a time in close quarters....Anchors 

Al, how boringly trite of you. Cannot rise above your own puerile sense of 
humor? I didn't really expect anything better from you. Now that we've 
gotten the silliness out of the way, I wonder if perhaps some members of our 
forum might have the mettle to test themselves against a difficult issue, 
one with which they do not necessarily agree. I had hoped to count you, Al, 
among the skeptics who would bring to light some crucial issues, but alas, 
that was not to be. Oh well, you shouldn't strain yourself too much anyway.

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