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> (AW)Preparation for WW2 is what turned the economy around, not the low-pay, 
>  short term, make-work jobs and government handouts of taxpayer's money 
>  were provided by FDR's alphabet soup of agencies.
>  (Jill) I don't know. George Marshall was a tremendous fan of the CCC. 
Further, it 
>  was not the point of these programs to be particularly useful. Rather, 
>  stemmed the tide of national distress, the horrid emotional strain for 
>  people who had always been industrious, always worked, who were at the 
>  idle. I also think that Marshall's exposure to this side of things made 
>  more attuned to the post-war issues in Europe.
>  All in all, I see these activities as being rather useful.

Rather useful, yes. The FDR make-work projects like WPA and CCC had a calming 
effect on a great many discontented people. The purpose was to defuse serious 
unrest. It worked as a short term psychological/political sop but would not 
have worked for very long even for that limited purpose. 

I'll continue to insist that those programs, while "rather useful," 
did_not_end_the_depression_. Too and Hitler created the need for lots of 
things to use in the destruction of their countries.  Meeting that need 
created the huge economic and industrial upturn that made the USA THE world 

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