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I did not ask the question. I thought the question was a good lead in,
and not categorical.

The question inferred wars are evil. I can't say that's always the case.
WWII is commonly not considered evil on the side of the Allies, but is
considered evil on the part of Germany, Italy, and Japan.

I doubt if the common German troop thought he was doing evil. To him the
war was just and right.

For someone patriotic, willing to die for his country, the thought of
doing so is not considered evil but honorable.

>From: al winslow <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Date: Sun, 03 Sep 2000 11:50:52 -0700
>Your question was asked in categorical terms so I answered it that way. 
>Before suffering for very long under injustice that could be rectified 
>by war and that was serious enough in my mind to require that step then 
>I would choose war. If we want to be more detailed about how serious and 
>what exact kind of injustice we are talking about then, of course, there 
>are lesser and greater injustices and it would require some more 
>detailed discussion before anyone could make a serious judgement about 
>what the response should be. 


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