From: "al winslow" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > The question inferred wars are evil.
> > I can't say that's always the case.
> "Evil"? I don't really know how to apply the word to war. War is at
> least undersirable but not as undesirable as LOSING a war to an
> enemy nation that would impose its will upon your own country. It is

   hmm, undesirable to have someone enforce their will upon your own
country or upon the people of that country? (nit picking? perhaps, perhaps
not :)... after all it is the people who end up the real losers)

> just something you have to do once in a while. Being really well
> prepared for war is the best way to prevent having to fight a war. If
> you are armed to the teeth and clearly willing to fight it tends to back
> an aggressor off.

   well, how about some other method to avoid war? is there anything else
that can prevent wars except MAD ?

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