I would like to start out by saying that I really enjoy receiving the 
messages each day.  Although I do not always agree with the views 
expressed, it is nice to continue being exposed to a variety of 

As a point of reference, I live in Tucker, GA (Suburb of Atlanta) and am 
a Republican (somewhat rare in my part of the state).  In fact, I am the 
only person in my neighborhood with a Bush / Cheney sign in my front 

I believe that while armed conflict is never pleasant, it is necessary 
from time to time in order to SAVE lives.  We have seen many instances 
in history when armed conflict was necessary to halt evil.

Democracy only works when people are informed and involved.  Of course, 
we will never be totally informed by our leaders until the astronomical 
amounts of money are taken out of the political process.  That is one 
reason why I supported Senator McCain (hence the screen name).

The election in November, I believe, will be a pivotal time in shaping 
our nation's future standing in the world.  President George W. Bush 
will help to further modernize the military so that we can enforce peace 
through strength.  In addition, our friends and foes will feel that they 
can trust the word of the United States, once again.  

The Clinton years have provided a series of lost and bungled 
opportunities in the area of foreign policy.

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