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Hear, hear!  Anyone else on this list but John and me?  Seems we're the only
two actually discussing.  (I'm not on the egroups one)

I think a huge part of the Mideast problem is a certain legacy in the
process of being built.  I'm getting tired of hearing it in the press, but
it seems to be true in some cases.

The Israelis and Palestinians were both working towards peace, apparently in
good faith, and it appeared for quite a while that they were making
progress.  But they had to do it on their own schedule, and the US tried to
rush it.  I think we pushed it so hard and so fast that the PEOPLE didn't
have time to adjust.  While we might have been successful persuading Arafat
and Barak that peace was the more desireable choice, the US govt didn't have
those same talks with the Palestinians and Israelis.  Now the people are all
but revolting against the two leaders in an attempt to regain what they
think is important, and what they think their leaders sold out on.  If we
had backed off and given the whole situation time to evolve at a pace
comfortable to those actually involved, rather than comfortable to those
soon-to-be-out-of-a-place-in-the-history-books, we might have saved the
trouble we're in right now.

Stratfor did a good piece on this...they put into words the impressions I
had gotten from watching the news.  They're pretty articulate and usually
get a good jump on things--but they're a little alarmist.  I guess if they
can convince you that the world is falling apart you'll be more tempted to
use their service.


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