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I'm not really a new member, but I'll tell you a bit
about myself: 

I'm a Political Science graduate at TAU and manage a
site called http://www.political-tips.com - a site
that focuses both on "practical" politics (i.e.
activism, running fo office) and "theoretical"
politics (political science, info about political
events, etc.). The site also features a Q&A section
and a weekly newsletter (oh please please please sign

I'm interested mainly in human-rights and church-state
relations, and my focus is Third World politics and
democratising countries. But - I'm open to anything,
and I wouldn't have chosen politics as my research
field unless I was interested in most areas. I guess
that most of you are IR people, but I think "war" has
more meaning than the narrow IR discipline. 

Since my country is ay war right now, I have some day
to day stories I can share with you... ("practical"
and not only "theoretical") - but if you ask me, I
prefer a list less based on quarelling over political
opinions and more a discussion over theory and


Guru at http://www.political-tips.com  Drop by and check out All New Tips and All New 
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