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> > introduced themselves... anyone else? Did I miss anyone?

Not hiding so much, but haven't introduced myself like everyone else just
did.  I have a political science degree in national security, did some
master's work in poli sci, now I'm working on my master's in management.
I'm sure I'll get some sort of graduate degree in poli sci eventually.

Anyway, now I'm in the Air Force at Eglin AFB, Florida--right on the beach.
It's a hardship tour.  Since there are some new people here, I have to put
in the DISCLAIMER!!  Yes, I'm in the Air Force, but nothing I say reflects
anything official about the US govt, the Dept of Defense, the Air Force, or
anyone or anything else.  In the interest of academic freedom and good
debate, everything I say should be taken as my personal opinion and nothing
more.  Enough of that.  I have a topic to bring up.

WHAT SHOULD BE DONE ABOUT COLOMBIA?  With the instability and drugs in
Colombia, there's been alot of involvement by both the US and European
countries.  Generally, this has meant throwing money at the problem.  The
recent $1.6B aid package the US gave to the Colombians as part of the $7B
Plan Colombia, to which European nations also contributed, now threatens to
elevate and militarize the conflict as it trains and equips the GOC (govt of
Colombia) to fight drugs.  But not insurgents, because US law forbids us
getting involved in insurgencies.  We're only fighting the drug cartels.
[smirk]  So these two groups are so tightly interwoven as to be
indistinguishable, and the training we provide will supposedly only be used
against the drug fellas.

Anyway, what would your stabilization plan be for Colombia?  Should there be
ANY foreign involvement, or should we let the Colombians handle the
situation on their own.  If you were in a position to "fix" the situation,
what would you do?

That's good for now.  LET'S GET READY TO RRRRRRRRUMBLE!!!!


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