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> I will be glad when the campaigning is over, but not caring 
> about another
> individual is rather anti social isn't it?

I can agree with that.  But what did I say that led you to believe I didn't
care about ANY individual.  Attached is my original message...I didn't say
anything about any individual.  I did think I was rather witty :) in drawing
a parallel between a staunch environmentalist and littering, but I included
Bush's littering and DUI, as well.  That was a completely non-partisan slam
on both of the candidates.  I'm an equal opportunity slammer, and I care
about everybody--just not the TV ads and roadside clutter they invoke.

> attitude?  When we studied Latin, perhaps humanism was a much stronger
> social force?  I have a sense that technological thinking has 
> brought us
> to the brink of war, and humanism would turn was away from this futile
> destruction of life.

Perhaps you're right.  I think in many ways technology is removing the
passion from life.  Before email, the most common managerial method of
assigning tasks was face-to-face contact.  They'd walk to up to you (or at
least your boss) and...godforbid...talk to someone!  Now I'd imagine email,
or better yet the Outlook task assigner thingy, has made assigning tasks
rather impersonal.  It's so easy to not talk to anyone these days that
people can effectively drop out of society before they even realize it's
happened!  Then you have internet love affairs, cyberstalkers, etc.

Militarily, it's much easier to go to war if you can use technology to make
it less personal.  If we didn't have such a powerful Air Force, would we
have intervened in the Balkans?  This reminds me of a Star Trek episode I
saw in school.  I don't routinely watch Star Trek, but this was shown in
class so we'd remember where we were and what our job was.  There was a
civilization that had perfected war.  Physically battling it out for a piece
of real estate was too bloody and barbaric, not to mention the economic
resources wasted from waging war.  So they wrote a computer program.  When
two nations clashed, they submitted their parameters to the program, and the
program spat out random names and numbers of who and how many on each side
had died.  If your number came up, you reported to the vaporizor, or
evaporator, or maybe it was the urinal, and you were disposed of.  It was
that easy--no blood, no wasted resources, and everyone maintained dignity
and refined demeanor.

Captain Kirk came to this civilization and said "My God, Spock, this is more
barbaric than...well, I coudn't think of anything funny to write, but you
get the idea.  They thought they were so refined and technology had elevated
them to a level of unprecedented morality and efficiency, but what they were
doing was no less barbaric than two cavemen clubbing each other with sticks.

So I agree with you that humanity is slipping away.  But what is your
position on the military in general?  Do you think no military has a place
in the world?  Do you think militaries are instruments of death and
destruction only, and offer no benefit to the world?


Last message:

Today is Liberation Day in the US!!  Liberation from mudslinging.
Liberation from environmentalist Gore/Leiberman campaign signs littering the
roads (and Bush, too).  Liberation from TV ads.  Liberation from 24 year old
DUIs that no one cares about...

least for four more years...)

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