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You ask if my position is to do nothing in Colombia.  Well now- I don't
think Noah did nothing when he was told to prepare for a flood, and God
didn't build the ark for him.
However, do you want Colombians to come here and run our country for us? 
Why do you think we have a right to intervene in another nation's
business?  Our drug problem is our problem, and I don't think our
problems give us a right to intervene in other countries'  business.

One of our biggest problems is the rumor that drugs are illegal because
the CIA funds special projects with drug money.  I have a big problem
with people being forced to show ID when they buy cigarettes, because we
fought against this police state practice in world wars, and this use of
government of power over citizens, seems to have begun with a war on
drugs.   Are you sure no one has in mind getting us to accept a more
fully manifested police state, so our masses are easier to control under
a World Order?  I suspect things that are not in our best interest are
going on, and this makes me very suspicious of our concern with Colombia.
 Do you have the statistics for the number of kindergarten children
harmed by drug dealers supplied by Colombia?  Does this happen every
where in the United States?  What do you have for evidence of this
problem?  You weren't  by any chance using emotion as a substitute for
facts were you?

If Colombia has an economic problem, isn't it logical to find out what
resources Colombia has for improving its economy?  We sure can't fix
Colombia's economic problem without knowing something about it and the
resources available to Colombia.
That is, if it is even our responsibility, which I don't think it is,
beyond being a good neighbor.  I don't know why I feel compelled to use
biblical sayings, considering I certainly do not consider myself to be
Christian, but Jesus, said something about taking the plank out of our
own eye before attempting to remove the mote from someone else's, and I
think we might want to apply this to our behavior.  Our real concern with
Colombia could be the petroleum under its soil,  not the drugs.  I just
don't trust the drug augment.

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