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From: "JS Russell" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> On the other hand, the lists have begun to take on identities of their
> They are not really the same things anymore. Perhaps they ought to be
> severed rather than merged.
> John?

Hi Jill,

As far as I'm concerned, the group already voted... remember I started this
version of the list and asked everyone to move over? It received some
activity but the majority wanted to stay at the eGroups site so that's Ok
by me :)

...and they have taken on individual identities... I'm sure we can figure
out a way to keep them easily distinguishable, right?  The two lists have
slight variations in the Subject tag (The eGroups on has [W&P]  and the
Topica one has {W&P}... not a great difference but is it enough? hmm, I
guess I'll change it to {W+P} that should work :))

If that's Ok with the members of this list, I'll change the Subject Tag
later today... Make your wishes known... although I don't see any big deal
with the change, it might upset some who prefer to keep their Filters set
on the subject line :)

What says the List???

John T

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