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(JJ)I wonder what Jill thinks about women not taking orders as well as men, 
and thus not functioning as well as men in combat.  If that were true, it 
would sure make a good argument for keeping women out of the military.

I don't put a whole lot of stock in the "men and women are fundamentally 
different" mantra. To the extent that there are differences, I would suggest 
they are more like propensities. Now, might these propensities mean that 
different levers would be more effective in adapting women to the military 
and combat? Perhaps. However, it could be that the motivations necessary to 
get women to fit in might make them BETTER than men in combat. They 
certainly do not suggest anything in my mind to rule out all of the cloven 
from serving their country.

The argument against full integration of women in the military that always 
chaffs me is the one that says the military is not a place for social 
experimentation, so stop trying to change things. Well, excuse me, but how 
is the military NOT a series of social experiments? How else do you get a 
normally life loving youth to have the inclination to charge a machine gun 
nest? Or conform to any of the other norms, etc.? And how, by the way, can 
you consider maintaining the significant work of an institution as single 
sex NOT a social experiment?


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