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> or say it is  only  my opinion.   For now I will say it is my only my
> opinion.    

Good move, since there are no facts to back up that opinion.

> If you don't think there are real differences between males and females,
> can I ask, have you raised children or worked in a day care?

I didn't say there aren't real differences between men and women.  And yes,
I have raised children (am in the process, at least).  There are most
certainly physical, emotional, etc. differences between men and women.  But
plenty of women populate militaries of most countries, and they are just as
good at taking and giving orders as men are.  They perform their jobs just
as well as men do, and are rewarded for it.  There are women who have no
place in the military, just as there are men who have no place in the
military.  Or in the day care center.  Or whatever job you choose, there are
members of both sexes who have no place there.  There are certainly
traditional roles, but using opinions such as 'men are pigheads who blindly
follow orders, whereas women are fully critical of everything they hear and
will not follow orders that are counter to what they believe' to defend such
traditional roles and denegrate an entire gender as unthinking is far from
an intellectual exercise.

> I didn't say
> women don't take orders as well men.

Here's the quote I cut from your original message and pasted into this one:
"because women do not conform and obey orders as easily as men do."

So no, you said women do not "obey" orders as well as men.  What's the
definition of "IS" again?

> I said they are not as easy to control.

That may be true...I've heard it's like trying to herd cats, though I've
never actually seen a cat herd.

> if  someone wants to
> argue failure to exercise individual judgements makes a 
> better army.

PERHAPS some would make that argument, but I caution against making such
blanket statements as the tone of your message implies.  NEVER in my
military experience has that EVER been even hinted at in any official or
unofficial training or conversation.  On the contrary, I majored in
Political Science at the Air Force Academy.  In all of the academic and
professional training both there and in all of my schooling after
graduation, the military has EXPLICITLY taught me that it's better to think
everything through and take the appropriate action--even to disobey orders
if they are unlawful or immoral.

That's why every year, and my refresher was two days ago, we get training in
Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC).  That's why soldiers are taught that they're
responsible for their actions, and commanders are responsible for the
actions of the soldiers in their command.

>  The difference also protects our liberty.

The difference between men and women protects our liberty?

> These subs are instruments of death and destruction that 
> could end life
> on earth, and I do not think desiring this military might is sane.  I

That's a defensible argument against nuclear subs, but I didn't ask about
nuclear subs.  I asked about entire militaries.  Do you think entire
militaries give any benefit to the world?

> Someone is trying to convince me
> that technocracy would mean plenty for everyone and therefore it would
> also end wars.

Is that someone Ronald Walker, Sr?

Jeff, who gets off on stereo equipment but owns a mini-van.

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