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(CS)OH YOU ARE JILL!  I only read the first lines about males and females 
not being so different, and this morning I read on and noticed this 
communication is softer than how JJ responds and when I read a question of 
if the military could be a place for social experimentations, it hit me a 

Yes, that is the way you read it. And I am not in the least bit surprised. 
It is very easy to see what we want. You automatically assume that my tone 
has to do with my gender, because that is what you want to believe. However, 
you know so blessed little about me, that for you to blast off intso the 
stratosphere about how your theory is proved by my tone suggests something 
less than a rational or scientific approach.

It might help you to know that the field of military affairs (history and 
other related subject matter) is the stuff of my graduate studies, the 
object of which is a PhD. So, while some partake of the debate for 'shits 
and grins,' I spend my time here working out ideas and honing my writing 
skills. If I were merely here to speak out on my opinion, you'd be as 
irritated with my tone as you are with Jeff's. Point of fact, Jeff can tell 
you what it's like to be at the other end of my bad side, he being a 
zoomies, and a particularly fun (and easy) target.

Furthermore, I am greatly indebted to my husband, the Marine Officer, for 
what he has been able to rub off on me courtesy-wise. For you see, I am the 
Sicilian daughter of a rabid litigator, who also happens to be a woman, and 
I can bite your head off if I choose. And, if you knew me better, you would 
know how foolish your 'softer tone' comment was - and you'd hear the hearty 
guffaws of my friends and relatives.

As for rearing, I've been involved in the young lives of more x-chromosomed 
than you can imagine. I know exactly their capabilities and propensities, 
and I no more convinced of your theory by that experience than by your 
arguments. I DO believe that you have seen what you want to believe in your 

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