My father served in WWII.  He cleaned up what was found in German
concentration camps.  
The man I married served in the Coast Guard.  My son did some military
time and I am very thankful he did not experience a war type situation. 
I understand the values, and I am woman.

As woman I think those Roman soldiers are very attractive.  Genghis Khan
excites my blood too.  The huge ceramic army buried in China long ago, is
so impressive.  And my heart quickens when I read of Celtic warriors.  I
wonder if women didn't have such a response to warriors if it would be so
easy to mobilize nations to war.  My mother was the ideal image of pin up
girl during the second world war and she sang for USO shows.  Sex is part
of war don't you think?

And I am woman, the wife and mother, and want to join with other women
who oppose war and violence.  As a Greek play suggested- perhaps we
should refuse our men until they stop warring.  I am very passionate
about war and using force.  Passionate with  the feminine  wife, mother,
child point of view.  CS

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