As woman I think those Roman soldiers are very sexy.  Genghis Khan and
Attila the Hun excite my blood too.  The huge terra cotta army buried in
China long ago, is so impressive.  And my heart quickens when I read of
Greek and Celtic warriors.  I wonder, if women didn't have such a
response to warriors, would it be so easy to mobilize nations to war?  

And I am woman, the daughter, wife and mother.  Women have a history of
opposing wars as well as a history of fighting wars.  What we don't talk
about when we speak of war, is the women and children and their heroism. 
I was watching when we saw the Vietnam conflict live on TV and a mother
ran down the road with her baby in her arms.  The camera man did a close
up on the baby's tiny limp hand.  Please, do not tell me what men are
doing is protecting!  In spirit I am that woman running with her baby in
her arms. 
I would rather give my life to defend my son, than send him to war. 
Please, do not tell this way of handling human differences is protecting!

We don't speak much of the civilizations that win wars only to fall a
short time later.  Except for George Bush,   we don't usually brag about
being what we fought against, but George Bush was right.  We are the New
World Order, and that means we have fought every war for nothing.  It was
all tragic insanity.

Athena, is my goddess and she carries the Sword of Justice.  If men think
they are protecting something when they go to war, let them name it and
let us explore the reality.  I think we might find, a similarity between
warriors and two bucks fighting over a doe.  

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