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Jill, did you write you thought  the  military could be "a place for
social experimentation"?  

When the program on TV said it isn't men's aggressiveness that makes us
prone to war, but the way they bond, their willingness to conform and
submit to "authority", I thought men were being complimented.  It is
positive social factors that makes us prone to war, not aggressiveness
which would be a low animal instinct.   This same research indicated
women are less willing to conform and obey orders without question. 
Regardless what you believe about male/female differences, when you said
you thought the military could be a place for social experimentation, you
proved the researchers right about the male/female difference.  This is
not "my theory" but a report of research I saw on TV.

However, yes, you can be as offensive as the men.  Congratulations.  What
is the benefit in proving me foolish for being favorably impressed by
you?   I felt good when I read the message I responded favorably too, and
angry and hostile after reading your effort to prove me a fool for think
well of you.  What positive thing can come out of the power to make
others feel bad?  Does this have something to do with wanting to be
accepted as one of the guys?  I ask, because I once wore black leather
and rubbed elbows with the Hell's Angels in LA, and remember how
important it was to "be tough".  I am now old, with grey hair and
grandchildren.  I enjoy planting flowers and attracting birds and
butterflies to my yard.  Being gentle is now more important than being
tough.  But darn if I don't feel like ripping people apart when I feel
attacked, just to prove, I can be as bad as the next guy.  

Do you think this human tendency might have something to do with why we
war?  When I was looking for fights, I wanted the excitement.  Old age
has taught me a different meaning of tough.  Now just getting out of bed
and not complaining about how bad I feel is, being tough.    Life can
beat us up pretty bad, and coming through with a philosophical smile, is
being tough.  When I come across young tough guys and gals, I wonder how
tough they will be in their old age?  How wise will they be?  And then,
because war and politics is the issue- I wonder how aging populations
will effect war and  politics?   I am very curious what will happen when
those influenced by the second world war are gone.  Oh, there are so many
questions to ask, and so much to think about.   We can keep cutting each
other down or we enjoy the questions and research.   CS

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