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> don't...) - I have to comment that this reflects some
> attitude that views the UN as another branch of the
> United States and NATO. 

I disagree.  I think it shows that the US isn't the only country that
intervenes.  After all, we're only one vote.  NATO's two most likely
opponents, Russia and China, are 2 of the 5 permanent members of the UN
Security Council, and France is actively taking measures to limit US
influence in European interests.  That's two for (US and UK), two against
(Russia and China), and one limiting our influence--how can you say the UN
is another branch of the US and NATO?

> (of course, they are abused themselves by the
> drug-lords). 

Actually, some of the drug lords treat the campesinos very well.  They pay
VERY well, and even come to the farm to pick up the crop, saving the farmer
a trip to the market.  Of course, if the campesino doesn't want to grow
coca, they can be treated rather harshly, but I'm not sure how often that
happens.  I'd be inclined to say that a few groups treat the campesinos that
way, and the media generalizes in order to get horrific stories.  After all,
the drug lords have a huge stake in reputation and many of them seek to
"legitimize" their trade.  That's why Pablo Escobar personally financed
"Medellin without slums"--his own social welfare program.  He built schools,
lighted tennis courts, a few churches, etc.  All of the things the people
needed that the government couldn't afford to build.  That lent him a great
deal of legitimacy and credibility--and the people would do anything for
him.  They even called him "Godfather" and "Uncle Pablo" because they felt
more loyaly to him than to their local officials.  Of course, if you crossed
him, he was one of the most murderous people in the history of Colombia, but
if you were just an average Joe in his city he was a pretty good guy.


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