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When I was young, I was told we defended our democracy against people
having to carry ID and reporting their family and neighbors to
authorities.  When I was a night janitor, the police constantly stopped
me and checked my ID.  A little of this would have been acceptable, but
checking my passengers ID is not.  Keeping files on people and judging
them by what is written in a file, is not acceptable.  I assume you will
argue this.  I also know for a fact that if you were educated since the
1958 National Defense Education Act, in the U.S., you were educated for a
technological society with unknown values.  I know this education was
modeled after Germany's education for technology, for military and
industrial purpose.  You were prepared for the New World Order, Bush,
proudly said we are.  So much to say- like questioning why the cold war
became a war on drugs, and discussing the political power of fear and
military/economic connections.

When we entered WWI the battle cry was  "Democracy and autocracy can not
coexist". This battle cry was blind to the fact we modeled our industry
after England's autocracy, and in 1916 when we were questioning war with
Germany,  some were comparing our industry with Prussia.  We had labor
laws for slaves, before we had labor laws for women and children, and
when we mobilized for WWI, industry claimed a labor shortage and
attempted to close public schools.  Teachers argued, an institution good
for making good citizens is good for making patriotic citizens.  That was
the first time Industry, National Defense and Education sat on the same
board, and public education has a been a branch of our military and
industry ever since.  This  is when vocational training was added.  The
most important purpose of public education was its function in mobilizing
us for war, until the military technology of the second world war.  We
have not defended our democracy in the classroom since then, and only
when our democracy is defended in the classroom is it defended.  Germany
was a Christian Republic and our enemy.  Our military can not defend us
against what happened in Germany.

Demming tried to convince our industry to accept his democratic model
during the Great Depression, and our industry refused.   Following WWII
when we were Americanizing Japan, Demming went there and taught his
democratic model.  Japan proceeded to kick our butts in competition for
world markets.  Worse, autocracy is a hierarchy of authority, and
government took control of business during the 1940's when many thought
fascism held the answers to good economic management.  I know I used a
dangerous word there and surely someone is going to want to challenge me.
 I don't look forward to the attacks I fear may come, but-

A little over 10 years ago, when my daughter's husband beat her in
public, her children were made wards of the state for a year.  The charge
was that she had emotionally neglected her children by allowing them to
witness their father beating her.  At first, the case worker gave me the
children to protect in my home and I thought I had secured their safety,
and my daughter's safety.  That night, in the middle of the night, the
case worker came to my door with armed police; she woke my sleeping grand
children and took them, while I pleaded with her not to do this.  They
were held in hiding like hostages.  The state inflicted more emotional
damage on my grandchildren they has ever experienced, and this was done
in the name of protecting them.  Over the next year I learned more about
tyranny than I ever knew there was to learn.  Our law clearly says,
children can not be taken from the person who has custody of them if this
person protest, unless the children are in immediate danger.  I learned
the hard way why this law is not be enforced and why this bureaucracy
right in the middle of our families is overwhelming and out of control. 
When I testified with others in front of our state legislature, I learned
why things have become so corrupt.  Our Children's Services Department
became Services to Children and Families, but the reason for the
bureaucracy being out of control, was not corrected.  That is because of
how the process of change was done, after recognizing a serious problem
causing my family extreme emotional truama.  This emotional truama is so
bad, some elder grandparents have literally died because of it.  Before
it happened to my family, I had no idea, children with caring family are
held in foster homes, while their families are made powerless to do
anything but submit to this authority.  

I learned to appropriate what our forefathers gave us, far more than
most.  When my father walks out of the room when I try to explain what
has gone wrong, I know he can't bare to hear something has gone wrong,
but for a year I lived in fear of ever seeing my grandchildren again,
because the system was so out of control.  The research on public
education, I had begun when we announced a national youth crisis, became
far more important.  I now know how the Jews in Germany felt, when the
relocation began.  At first there is trust than even though the action
taken by government is unwanted, everything will be okay.  Then there is
shock and a period of disbelief.  When a person finally realizes
something is very wrong and tries to tell others, and others don't want
to hear it or refuse to believe it, there is despair.  We stop talking
because it is just too awful- but then other stories are heard, and
people begin to organize and share their stories, and it becomes clear,
it wasn't just "human error" but a serious organizational problem.  If
you pick up a public administration text, you may discover this
organizational problem, like education for technology, comes out of
Germany.  It became a German thing when the Prussians who lived for
military might, as the United States lived for God, took control of
Germany.  Now this isn't the whole story but I not even a book written by
God can tell the whole truth.  No matter how good the writer is, the
whole truth can be said in a few words.  Okay- I am braced for your
attacks- please, be as precise as you can, and ask for the documentation
of what you do not believe.


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