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(CS)Jill, did you write you thought  the  military could be "a place for 
social experimentation"?

No, more specifically, I wrote that the military IS a place for social 
experimentation, a fact that those who want to keep women out of combat 
MOS's like to forget. It is a social experiment to have a single sex 
institution. It's a social experiment to get someone to charge a machine gun 
nest. Etc.

(CS)....Regardless what you believe about male/female differences, when you 
said you thought the military could be a place for social experimentation, 
you proved the researchers right about the male/female difference.  This is 
not "my theory" but a report of research I saw on TV.

Only if you view my statement in a limited sense. All of what the military 
does is a social experiment - the fact that some people don't make it 
through Recruit Training and Officer Candidate School proves that - if it 
weren't an experiment, no one would fail. It's been this way for so long 
that people tend to forget this, but it doesn't make it any less true.

As for the reasoning behind my ability to think and question such things, I 
would tend to put it more on the fact that I am an unindoctrinated outsider 
rather than the fact that I am born cloven and not crested.

(CS)What is the benefit in proving me foolish for being favorably impressed 
by you? I felt good when I read the message I responded favorably too, and 
angry and hostile after reading your effort to prove me a fool for think 
well of you.  What positive thing can come out of the power to make others 
feel bad?

I was not trying to make you feel bad. Rather, I was suggesting that you 
wanted to believe a certain theory and you fit the facts to support that 
theory. That is, you saw in my tone something that suggested femininity. 
Knowing a little more about myself and why I write the way I do on these 
subjects, I thought it would be useful for you to have the full set of 
information. To be honest, I did think it a touch foolish to jump to such a 
conclusion on such thin evidence.

If you feel angry and hostile when people suggest that you are wrong, I 
would suggest that email forums are not a good place to be.

(CS)Do you think this human tendency might have something to do with why we 
war?  When I was looking for fights, I wanted the excitement.  Old age has 
taught me a different meaning of tough.  Now just getting out of bed and not 
complaining about how bad I feel is, being tough.  Life can beat us up 
pretty bad, and coming through with a philosophical smile, is being tough.  
When I come across young tough guys and gals, I wonder how tough they will 
be in their old age?  How wise will they be?  And then, because war and 
politics is the issue- I wonder how aging populations will effect war and  
politics?   I am very curious what will happen when those influenced by the 
second world war are gone.  Oh, there are so many questions to ask, and so 
much to think about.   We can keep cutting each other down or we enjoy the 
questions and research.

You associate disagreement with wanting to be 'tough.' There's nothing I can 
do about that. But that's not my view. My academic training is such that I 
learn by questioning and critiquing, not merely accepting. So, you'll have 
to think me a big toughie, because I am apt to question and critique.

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