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> > don't...) - I have to comment that this reflects some
> > attitude that views the UN as another branch of the
> > United States and NATO.
> I disagree.  I think it shows that the US isn't the only country that
> intervenes.  After all, we're only one vote.  NATO's two most likely
> opponents, Russia and China, are 2 of the 5 permanent members of the UN
> Security Council, and France is actively taking measures to limit US
> influence in European interests.  That's two for (US and UK), two against
> (Russia and China), and one limiting our influence--how can you say the UN
> is another branch of the US and NATO?
> > (of course, they are abused themselves by the
> > drug-lords).
> Actually, some of the drug lords treat the campesinos very well.  They pay
> VERY well, and even come to the farm to pick up the crop, saving
> the farmer
> a trip to the market.  Of course, if the campesino doesn't want to grow
> coca, they can be treated rather harshly, but I'm not sure how often that
> happens.  I'd be inclined to say that a few groups treat the
> campesinos that
> way, and the media generalizes in order to get horrific stories.
> After all,
> the drug lords have a huge stake in reputation and many of them seek to
> "legitimize" their trade.  That's why Pablo Escobar personally financed
> "Medellin without slums"--his own social welfare program.  He
> built schools,
> lighted tennis courts, a few churches, etc.  All of the things the people
> needed that the government couldn't afford to build.  That lent
> him a great
> deal of legitimacy and credibility--and the people would do anything for
> him.  They even called him "Godfather" and "Uncle Pablo" because they felt
> more loyaly to him than to their local officials.  Of course, if
> you crossed
> him, he was one of the most murderous people in the history of
> Colombia, but
> if you were just an average Joe in his city he was a pretty good guy.
> Jeff
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