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Another question--have sanctions ever worked?  Other than somewhat limiting the arms flow into or out of a country, have sanctions ever actually accomplished what they were intended to accomplish?
Example--Iraq.  Cuba.  Both leaders still in power, and doing more or less as they please.  Ethiopia/Eritrea.  The sanctions limited the arms flowing into the country, so people kill each other with old guns instead of new guns.
I ask because I'm considering Serbia.  We imposed sanctions and Milosevic fell out of power.  Was it because the sanctions had an effect on the people and they voted him out?  Or were there too many other causes, so it's not possible to say whether or not sanctions had any effect whatsoever on him being voted out?  What were these causes?  How much impact did Western actions have on his fall from power?
If anyone has any concrete examples of when sanctions have achieved their stated goals (or implied goals, since they're so political that goals may not be stated directly), please discuss.
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