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If a person is in training to be a priest or nun. this person will learn
a way to respond to life, that is different from how people learn to
respond when we put weapons in their hands.  Some Buddhist learn martial
arts, but not before training in strict self discipline and spiritual
matters.  Only military training, will get only power struggle action.  

If we are going to arm people, we should pay far more attention to their
culture, which defines their perception of reality and values.    Their
culture defines who they use what they learn.  We are being irresponsible
with what we teach to whom and with our military technology, as were the
Romans who assimilated the wrong people into their armies and were later
defeated by them.  Looking at history with today's information adds a
question of  wonder.  How did the Romans influenced the struggles for
power outside of Rome as they spread military technology and weapons, but
not culture to such people's as the Germans who took Rome's technology
but not Rome's culture.  Germans, did however, take Rome's religion and
became the seat of the Holy Roman Empire, after causing Rome to fall. 
The German autocratic God is quite different from the Wise King God of
the Holy Lands.  After we defended the Germans, Bush, proudly announced
we are the New World Order.   After standing against autocracy, many
think God is an autocrat and that democracy is the enemy of the republic.
 We might question who really won the conflict?  I question the military
solution., and what we are doing with our military technology.  I also
wondered how long you would stay in the discussion.

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