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Thank you Tamar.  I was beginning to think I was the only one on this
channel opposed to violent solutions to human problems or operating with
the belief that within our own country there are those who play military
games just because they enjoy the game, and they do so with no qualms
about how they use the means of destruction so long as things go their
We have an entertainment industry that caters to our lowest urges, and
our denial of the cultural impact of this "entertainment" is one of the
more obvious proofs of us being technologically smart, but unwise. 

Can anyone give the history of nations having large standing armies? 
When and where did this become "normal"?  Does anyone remember when we
thought the oceans were our best national defense and know what changed
this?  Does anyone remember when we thought in terms of civilized people
and barbaric people?  These are questions of our cultural consciousness
that define our sense of reality.  Must human societies revolve around
military threat and military might?  What is the alternative?

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