Did you ask, "Do militaries offer any benefit to society"?
When we first thought an atomic bomb was possible, we thought it would be
the weapon to end all wars.  This may prove to be true, but at this time
we live in fear of this military technology spreading.  Our more advanced
weapons mean more control over our destruction and this maybe a blessing.
 However, our nuclear subs are insanity, and there are weapons in the
design stage that are potentially very threatening to society.

  There is not a simple answer to the question.  Human consciousness and
behavior has changed.  There was a time when people lived in peace, in
fertile valleys with mild climates, and nomadic warriors coming from the
region of the Mongols changed that.  Here I speak of two completely
different consciousness.  Agrarian people didn't sacrifice animals. 
Culture comes from these people.  The nomads came from a harsh
environment lacking suitable soil for farming, so they didn't develop the
agrarian consciousness but the consciousness of hunters.  As these people
moved south, humans were just another kind of prey.  It was common for
these hunters to kill everyone.  Their reputation for being extremely
brutal was their equivalent to our atom bomb.  Slavery was a huge
humanitarian improvement, and a successful warfare strategy, because
people with hope of becoming slaves, didn't fight as hard as those who
knew no one would survive the battle.  Barbarians treated their slaves
differently too.  Native Americans didn't war like this.  Raids are
completely different from these wars with intent to kill and claim the
land.  Without question, if Mongols are apt to ride threw town, the
people better have a good defense plan, but this is not our reality

On the other hand, I don't think it totally impossible for another nation
to invade ours.
This is why I  do not favor disarming citizens.  It was boys too young
for war and men too old for war, and women, who defended our west coast
during WWII.  Oregon was considered a war zone, because of air born
weapons sent from Japan, and citizens did hold at least one Japanese sub
in a bay.  This was done with guns that had been passed down from father
to son and dynamite and whatever else self sufficient people could get
their hands on.  Their defense plan was to hold mountain passes, and we
had two sets of them, before invaders could run free through our land.  
Our families with guns, sent guns to England, so the English could defend
themselves.  Russians were sent to the front lines with orders to pick up
their weapons from those who had gone before them and laid dead in the
field.  Oh, I have some great national defense poems and stories, that
make a person feel proud.  Would you like me to post them?   This is
getting too long again-  how do I make it short and comprehensive?  

There is defense and there is offense.  We have become offensive, and
this offensiveness is about economics.  In 1920 we should have treated
oil as the finite resource it is.  We have come a long ways since Genghis
Khan and Atilla the Hun, but we need to take another evolutionary step. 
We need to work on our consciousness and stop thinking as we did when
barbarians might have attacked.  We can no longer move west and run the
natives off the land to take the gold and farm land.  China, is a
potential threat, because these people are dealing  with a population
crisis.  If we don't have the intelligence to resolve human problems like
this, then maybe we are not worth defending.  The whole world is rushing
into a major population/resource problem, and our military might is
useless in resolving the troubles to come.  It is time for another
consciousness.   But on patriotism- I can give an excellent defense for
being willing to give our lives for our country.  BUT NOT FOR THE POLICE

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