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Your response to the question of the military does good, is excellent! 
Yes, how do we control the use of military force?  How do assure it is
citizens who have control and not a dictator or industrial interest?

I have spoken so much against militarisms, that it may surprise some, I
am in favor of an armed public.  I don't the forefathers' of the United
States were ignorant of the future when they assured citizens the right
to own arms.  Our Declaration of Independence leaves open the possibility
that our own government may stop serving the people and need to be

I think when kings or an elite power circle controls military force and
not the citizens, this military power can be abused.  Industrialization
and modern military technology have shifted control of all forms of power
from the citizens, to elite power circles.  It is my hope when citizens
around the world, are communication with each other as we are doing here,
it will return power and control to citizens.  We might able to use each
others governments and military forces to keep each other in check?

The people who protested the School of the Americas, are not anarchist or
rebelling citizens.  They are good citizens opposed to a military
solution that we can not control and assure is not a terrorist force
being used by dictator type people, against good people in South America
who need protection from what we are promoting.  What this school is
doing is as bad as entering an inner slum and passing out guns to
teenagers, because there is no control over how the military force is
used.  I maybe wrong, but I think the purpose of the school is to provide
jobs for people who like military might and don't care who the students
are.  It does not seem equal to Buddhist monks who learn much more than
marshal arts.   Before we arm people, we need to civilize them.

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