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Carol wrote: - 

> I have spoken so much against militarisms, that it
> may surprise some, I
> am in favor of an armed public.  I don't the
> forefathers' of the United
> States were ignorant of the future when they assured
> citizens the right
> to own arms.  Our Declaration of Independence leaves
> open the possibility
> that our own government may stop serving the people
> and need to be
> replaced.  

Let's agree to disagree. Most countries don't have
such free gun laws as the 2nd amendment allows in the
United States, and are yet free and democratic. Every
time I bring up this subject, people tell to look at
the UK and the high crime statistics in a country that
is "ungunned". Well, first of all, the UK is still far
less violent than the United States, and criminals
will always have guns. The question is accesibility. I
didn't hear of many other countries with metal
detectors in high schools the way you have in the
United States. Second, I don't believe that the right
to bear arms will solve the problem of ctizens to
protect themselves, for two reasons -
mistakes/accidents (I remember a case where a Japanese
exchange student wanted to ask for directions and was
shot by a man because he entered his property); and
thefact that not every citizen wants to be a militia
man. I had a gun (and gas) when I was in the military.
I'm afraid to say that I'm glad no rapist or terrorist
came in my way because I would have surely shot myself
or some innocent by stander. 


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