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The constitution was changed following the bad working
relationship between the President and his Vice. The
most famous is the relationship between Andrew Jackson
and John Quincey Adams. Adams was involved in the
rumours around Mrs. Jackson and the Petticoat Affair
(Jackson's scandal). 

The same elections, 1824, there was one
President-elect (Adams) with the electoral vote, and
another Vice-elect with the popular vote (Jackson). It
didn't contribute to peace among the two. 

As for power-sharing - it had been tried in several
versions outside the United States - in several
countries (France, for example), the President is from
one party and the Prime Minister can be from another
(separate elections). It is called cohabitacion in
French (which is the French word for unmarried couple
living together, they can't get their dirty minds off
sex even when they talk politics ;-). It causes
problems, naturally, because the executive power can't
do all they pleased (or promised to do) but on the
other hand, there is more power sharing add less
feeling of alienation. 

Last (not important) point - Qaddafi, not Khadafi.
Belive me, I studied Arabic. 


PS - It is completely off topic, but in the midst of
the war we're in, the government here collapsed again.
It seems that we'll have elections in May. Bibi
Natanyahu is about to win, so say the polls. Oh my
God. At least the joke-writers will have more

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