Title: Khadifi's comments (however you want to spell it)
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I saw a congressional scholar on C-Span last night say it was entirely possible to have Bush as President and Leiberman as VP.  Not the same as what K/Q said, but it's close.

If the election goes to Congress, the House gets to elect the Pres and the Senate elects the VP.  But in the House, each state only gets one vote, and right now more states favor Bush.  You'd still have to figure in states in which the members are evenly divided and may not agree on a vote, and states that voted for Bush but the representative is a Democrat, and such, but there's a good possibility Bush would win that vote.

In the Senate, assuming everyone votes their party, the vote would be split right down the middle.  The President of the Senate, Al Gore, would get to cast the tie-breaker...Leiberman.  That would put Leiberman as Bush's VP.

What a slap in the face for Mr-I've-wanted-to-be-President-since-I-popped-out, eh?

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