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From: "Tamar Herzberg" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Last (not important) point - Qaddafi, not Khadafi.
> Belive me, I studied Arabic.

  Sorry, I've never seen it written down... thought I came close enough to
be understood, though :)

> PS - It is completely off topic, but in the midst of
> the war we're in, the government here collapsed again.
> It seems that we'll have elections in May. Bibi
> Natanyahu is about to win, so say the polls. Oh my
> God. At least the joke-writers will have more
> material...

  I don't see why you would consider it 'off topic'... seems to me that
collapsing governments might be 'topical' for this list :) (what kind of
jokes?? :))

  Israel certainly has had an 'exciting' history, though brief compared to
the rest of the region...  How much peace-time would you estimate you've
had since Israel's inception? (percentage or years, either way :))

  One thing I was surprised at during the Gulf War, "Desert Storm", half a
dozen years back... when Iraq started lobbing bombs in your direction, it
was surprising that Israel acceded to the UN request to remain on the side
lines... I guess if it had gone on much longer that wouldn't have remained

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