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Zionism's murderous legacy

George Anthony on the history of anti-Semitism and Israel
Anti-Semitism is the oldest world prejudice. Apart from evils of the ancient 
Egyptians and the Spanish Inquisition; the England of the 1300's and King 
Richard I, called the Lion Heart, was the first with the word "holocaustem" 
and applied it to the luckless Jews of the time. Closely followed by King 
Edward I, conqueror of William Wallace, who forced the Jews of his era to 
wear yellow badges prior to hanging 300 of them in the Tower of London, then 
deporting and drowning another 3,000 in the Thames.
Anti-Semitism is an evil confirmed by the death camps of the Holocaust. The 
Nazi phrase inscribed over the gates of Auschwitz, "Arbeit Macht Frei," 
surely the depths of an evil cynicism.
Growing up in the London Borough of Hackney during the 30' s and 40' s, I 
saw, without comprehending, the gradual spread of the Jewish community from 
their original "haven" of Stepney to escape the pogroms of Tsarist Russia. In 
both boroughs the Communist Party was firmly based on their large Jewish 
communities. It was in both that heavy defeats were inflicted on the 
Mosleyite British Union of Fascists, at Cable Street and Ridley Road.
Having said that, anti-Semitism was widespread amongst the area's working 
class. Indeed my father, a soldier who had served in India, brought me up on 
a regular diet of hating Jews and coloureds. In rebelling against this I 
joined the Young Communist League at 17. There I discovered a new world of 
knowledge and enlightenment. Among those experiences was one with the 
Hashomair Hatsair, a left wing Zionist organisation that met in a house on 
the corner of Nightingale Road and Brook Road in Hackney. There I had many a 
brush over the "Jews are a Nation", and "No they're not, they're a religion" 
and "what about Biribejan?" (a failed Jewish homeland in the Soviet Union). 
Little did I foresee the import at a later date of those frequent exchanges.
Later, I lived in Stamford Hill (a recruiting ground for "settlers"), 
alongside "froomers" "Galitzianer cowboys" and the "sheitel brigade" 
(versions of orthodox Jewry), who treat their women folk as second class 
citizens. And alongside a "schule" for young Rabbi's. There I came up against 
an ignorance that beggared belief. For instance, "that together the Russians 
and Germans fought the Jews in the last war". It was then that I began to 
examine my views about Israel and Zionism.
Getrude Elias, who wrote regularly in the Islip Newsletter: although some of 
her best friends had died in Auschwitz, had no doubts about it. Peter Ustinov 
describing the Arabs as the "last victims of the Holocaust", and Sam Khan of 
the South African Communist Party telling me. "When Israel is in trouble, 
they invoke the Holocaust". And now this latest explosion on the West Bank 
has brought me to an agonising reappraisal. For even the "Left" and peace 
movement in Israel, are blind to Palestinian rights.
Generations of discrimination, (stirred up the Catholic Church), created a 
yearning for a "Nirvana" called Israel, a land "flowing with milk and honey", 
the biblical home of Jewish descendents of  the ancient Jewish kingdoms of 
David and Solomon It has attracted as a magnet, East and West alike after 
oppression, real or imagined.
So you might ask, why are young Israelis, those in the army particularly, 
able to treat the Arab people's as their "Untermensch"? After all, it had a 
progressive role in 1945, the Soviet Union, having liberated most of the 
death camps, and not unaffected by these horrors, being the first to 
recognise the state of Israel.
The Jews are not a nation
The prominent French writer, Philippe de Saint Robert, wrote in 1970 that 
"From Herzel to Ben Gurion, the founders and realisers of  Zionism were not 
believers; they were the conscious and organised initiators of an entirely 
political enterprise which, prior to clinging to British imperialism, did not 
fail to offer its services to Kaiser Wilhelm II".
There it is, Israel was never about the Jewish religion. But a conspiracy to 
create a gendarme state amongst the "unreliable" indigenous Middle East 
states and to protect oil interests. This has been proclaimed consistently 
since the official foundation of the World Zionist Organisation in August 
1897. Theodore Herzel writing to Cecil Rhodes, "I believe that the Zionist 
idea,...is a colonial.. idea". That the Zionist programme in Palestine should 
"form a portion of a rampart of Europe against Asia," and be "an outpost of 
civilisation as opposed to barbarism".
The Balfour Declaration of November 2nd 1917, made just a few days before the 
October Socialist Revolution, was an agreement to form, in due time, a 
"Jewish national home", to free the British Government from the commitment 
(made to the Arabs by T.E.Lawrence to motivate the Arab nations to fight 
Turkey), to make Palestine into an Arab state.
In 1920, while Churchill was Secretary for War and Air, he wrote that 
"Zionism was the answer to international communism and that Zionism must 
therefore win the soul of the Jewish people".
General Patrick Hurley told President Roosevelt in May 1943: "the Zionists 
envisage Jewish leadership for the whole Middle East in the fields of 
economic development and control." In 1945, the US Senator Edwin C. Johnson 
said, "a Jewish Palestine is needed as an anchor and bulwark in the Middle 
In 1973, Israeli Prime Minister, Golda Meir, explained that "Israel is really 
a safeguard for the maintenance of American interests in the area, and the 
first line of defence for American interests in the Mediterranean basin". A 
former Israeli Minister of Defence, Ezer Weizman, went further, "Washington 
doesn't need to ask us for bases; without being asked, Israel will give the 
United States everything it requires." 
Zionists use Anti-Semitism  
Hannah Arendt, the U.S political commentator, wrote that Adolf Eichmann 
despised the Assimilationists, that the Orthodox  Jews bored him, but he 
loved the Zionists because they were "idealists" like him. The fathers of 
Zionism using anti-Semitism as a recruiter to Israel. In 1952, the editor of 
the social Zionist newspaper Davar, wrote, "If I had the power, as I have the 
will, I would select a score of young men-intelligent, decent, devoted to our 
ideal and burning with the desire to help redeem Jews. I would send them to 
the countries where Jews are absorbed in sinful self-satisfaction. The task 
of these young men would be to disguise themselves as non-Jews, and plague 
Jews with anti-Semitic slogans, such as `Bloody Jew`, `Jew go to Palestine".
They have made it clear that to make room for these would be immigrants, the 
Arabs have to be banished. In 1973, Chief of the Israeli General Staff, 
Moyshe Dayan said," Zionism is being realised at the expense of the Arabs". 
Sentiments echoed by former Prime Minister Menachin Begin, when he said, "You 
should never be kind to the Arabs, so that we may undermine the so-called 
Arab culture, on whose ruins we shall build a civilisation of our own". Dr 
David Hacohen, a prominent member of the social-Zionist Labour Party, told 
Tory MP R.J. Maxwell Hyslop, (as reported in the "Times" of November 28th 
1975). "The Arabs are not human beings, they are not people, they are Arabs". 
In 1919, Zionist leader, Nahum Sokolow wrote, "Absolute purity does not 
exist, but relatively the Jews are doubtless the purest race among civilised 
nations". David  Ben Gurion, the first Israeli head of government declared in 
1957 that "I believe in our moral and intellectual superiority, in our 
capacity to serve as a model for the redemption of the human race".
In this racist jungle, Eastern Jews are also discriminated against, and 
although making up 60% of the primary school intake, only 3% reach a 
university campus. And their per capita income is half that of the European 
Jew. Furthermore 78% of Jewish children living in poverty are from African 
and Asian stock.
Detailed studies of the Oslo Peace Agreements, made by Professor Alain Joxe 
of the  French Centre for Research on Peace and Strategic Studies, show that 
the Benjamin Netanyahu agreements to withdraw from West Bank Israeli occupied 
land, including water, have all been reneged on by Ehud Barak. Professor Joxe 
concluding they were fakes to hide a worsening life for the Palestinians. The 
"settler" population doubling  to 150,000, since the Oslo agreement of 
September 1995. Now Ariel Sharon, butcher of refugees in the Sabra and 
Chatila refugee camps in 1982, gains the upper hand.
To confirm their support, in the middle of the present slaughter, the 
"Arizona Jewish Post" of November 3rd, reporting that the outgoing US 
Congress votes $1.98 billion in military and $834 million in economic aid to 
Israel. Also $2.22 billion to Egypt and Jordan. Furthermore drawing up plans 
to block aid to Palestine, should they unilaterally declare for an 
independent state.
Is it any wonder then, that Israeli leaders, like Prime Minister Golda Meir 
saying in 1975, that  the UN Resolutions  on the Middle East, are "worthless".
In conclusion, the present "intifada" is a constantly changing scene, with 
constantly changing international repercussions (the price of oil is a 
reliable barometer). This time the Palestinian's have machine guns, and 
Hizbollah the ability to penetrate the Israeli army. But what are they to 
tanks and helicopter gun ships? Furthermore the richest and most powerful 
countries, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, (medieval style executioners), have been 
bought off by the almighty dollar, salving their consciences by giving 
Palestine $1 billion dollars.
Only an alliance between the populations of the Arab States, including the 
20% in Israel itself; the Arab leaders in opposition to US hegemony, and 
last, but by no means least, world opinion, can persuade Israel to live in 
harmony with their Arab neighbours, on the basis of equal rights for all the 
people of the Middle East. But it will be a long haul.


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