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Hi, my name is Russ and I have been following your conversations on Kahdafi 
and bush etc.. I was wondering if there is anyone out there in World wide 
elections presently being thrown by the use of electromagnetic and microvave 
transmitters and an array of other devices presently being installed 
globally to effect the 'Western Alliance New World Order'. I have 3 children 
in Indonesia and 3 in Malaysia..I was in Indonesia and was inadvertantly 
part of the team that was involved in the tampering of elections (I did not 
have much choice at the time). I was in Malaysia and observed the same thing 
with many of the same people.. It is a global political concern and a 
tremendous Human rights issue.. Below is a small tad of what I have seen and 
am going through. Sincerely Russ Warwick

Hi, I though this may interest you.                             Nov 30, 2000

I am spending most of my time informing foreign governments in the hopes 
that Ottawa could be prodded into shutting off the electromagnetic and 
microwave torture on civilians and investigate my babies case and all of the 
fraud and corruption that surrounds it.
        Last year, on November 10th at 11:30 am, I was with my wife and 3 babies, 
Kuta Beach, Bali. I was holding my 6-week-old babyís head when 5 men grabbed 
me from behind and dragged me away to a room to be locked behind a steel 
door. I was then tied to bedposts and was injected with a drug so powerful 
that it put me into cardiac and respiratory arrest. I was repeatedly drugged 
after that. I have not seen my wife or babies since. All indications are 
they are being set up for an international babyís sale. They have been 
radiated since conception and are extremely paranormal, high IQ, photogenic 
and Eurasian.
        The incident happened November 10, 1999 at 11:30 AM.
Just prior to that, I was abducted under orders of Canadian and Australian 
Government Foreign affairs staff. They do not dispute this. The terror was 
under their instructions and no doubt their acting agent, James Gavin, a CIA 
operative in Bali who is heavily involved in the operations of the 
electronic radiation weapons.  The incident happened in front of my family 
just hours after talking by cell phone in Bali to James about the 
electromagnetic torture and harassment. After the tie-up and drugging, I 
awoke to see people wearing brand new CIA embossed dress and my wife and 
children gone. I have not seen them since. The message was clear! Keep quiet 
about the radiation treatment my babies, wife and I are receiving or we will 
kill you.
Much military study has been done showing that the physical body is 
surrounded by a mantle of electromagnetic (EM) energy. The eyes pick up this 
photonic and cosmic emission, though 90 per cent of this information is 
filtered out in the energy fields in and around the thalamus. The remainder 
is the visual part of what we see as our main reality.  Once the very tight 
electromagnetic energy fields are weakened or defiltered or realigned around 
the 10% visual-mental arena, our perception expands as our photonic and 
cosmic exchanges become ever greater and our auras progressively stronger.  
        Auras are plasma, the fourth dimension of matter and the golden key to the 
paranormal. The larger the aura, the greater the attraction to and the 
exchange of cosmic energy which intern increases plasma production. With 
this, ESP, clairvoancy, remote viewing and profound insight become possible.

Regarding my own experimental babies, aside from genetics, my children were 
born paranormal...the electromagnetic protective barrier around the thalamus 
had been electromagneticly and micro waved by western intelligence during 
fetal stage and early infant development thus altering normal bio-electric 
development. We, who practice a Hindu type of meditation, defilter the 
energy meridians from the inside with various internal exercises to become 
paranormal/spiritual and open the door to other dimensions. Western 
intelligence does it from the outside in with tortuous electromagnetic and 
microwave radiation. I did this from the inside out very quickly by a 
self-taught technique. The western military and secret service found out 
about my progress and decided to use my entire family for further 
experiments, primarily for further paranormal research.
        If one radiates a fetus since conception, from the observations of my own 
offspring and that of radiated offspring of western agents in Indonesia, 
paranormal babies seem to be the result as their energy meridians of the 
thalamus and the bio-electrics throughout the body is completely altered for 
        They will forever be sensitive to electromagnetic fields and microwave and 
cosmic radiation, as they have never had the opportunity to develop their 
own bio-electrics normally. Normal bioelectric meridians protect humans, 
their brain, thinking processís and protects against profound sensitivity to 
all manner of radiation, electromagnetic and cosmic. To rob babies the 
chance to develop normally is one of the grossest human radiation 
experiments ever.
        We are talking about developing fetus and newborns with their tiny energy 
meridians and circuits developing in their tiny brains and body subjected to 
huge overriding fields of electromagnetic and microwave radiation. They are 
sacrificed to make way for the ever-developing Haaarp and Echelon global 
ease dropping operation.
        Much of the electromagnetic and microwave radiation weapons are routinely 
used world wide to recruit natural paranormals that are able to generate 
huge amounts of plasma on their own. This plasma is then drawn and channeled 
to aid in remote viewing and all sorts of paranormal tricks including soul 
travel in wormholes etc. During top secret military or intelligence 
operations, the true paranormal operators are able to communicate 
psychically confusing counter intelligence that cannot make any sense of the 
transmissions or pinpoint their location. Most transmissions can only 
detected by other psychics.  The best paranormals radiate themselves and 
train to develop these techniques. The operations of course take place in 
artificially induced electromagnetic plasma soup.
        As an adult, practicing the slower de-filtering techniques of say Hindu 
meditation, we have the opportunity to open up to the other world with a 
sound understanding of what is normal and are able to compare this with what 
we see in the other dimensions. The poor radiated children are born seeing 
and hearing things that most normal people could only imagine.
        Who knows what the long-term prognosis is for my babies and countless 
others that are victims of the grids. My children walk out of their bodies, 
move ice cubes with out touching them, point out hidden sniper positions, go 
into spells of talking like an adult with facial contortions while they are 
vocalizing and appear to disappear and reappear. You canít get much more 
paranormal than that. It is not hard to imagine how much radiation they 
received in the fetal stage while we were being targeted by western 

I have worked on my own mind control for over 20 years and developed an 
extremly rapid technique to ESP. The CIA in Malaysia has told me that I had 
taught them much while I was in Indonesia. Trouble was, I did not reaslize 
at the time that I was teaching the CIA the techniques. I did not know they 
were CIA. By the time I arrived in Malaysia, word was out and their top 
paranormal operator in Malaysia based at the Pondok Inn refered to me as 
their Golden Boy! He oversees the radiation of unsuspecting guest to 
sensitize them, and establish a head to head contact. This is an extention 
to the Echelon ease dropping system. Much of the same equipmnet is used. 
They have taken it one step forward and it is global.
        I have been involved in or caught up in numerous top-secret paranormal 
operations in Asia and also in Canada. I have been a victim of torture, 
radiation experiments, druggings, lock-ups, broken bones, murder attempts 
and jailing during the time that I was formulating and teaching the contents 
of a book that I am writing called, Fast Track ESP-Remote View. Western 
intellegence does not like me talking about what I have taught myself or 
what I know about their operations and how they train and work. I have been 
on any number of espionage frequencies for 2 years, in Asia and Canada, so 
there is not a heck of alot that I donít know. I have spent months with 
operatives in Asia praticing energy channeling techniques. Intellegence was 
trying to recruit me for operations in Moscow and Irian Jaya. I declined as 
I have six children to take care of and I am on the spiritual side of 
The radiation and the techniques used on populations are the grossest human 
rights violations ever. They are weapons of mass destrution; CELLULAR 

        In the end, after 20 years of peaceful living in Asia, I was forced by 
Canadian intellegence to return to Canada to be severely tortured by 
electromagnetic and microwave radiation attacks. I had to leave behind 3 
small children in Malaysia and 3 babies and my wife in Indoneisa. My life 
was forcebly torn apart because of the huge amounts of electromagnetic 
energy radiation from my body that interfered with the newly installed 
espionage electromagnetic grids.
        I have been so severly radiated in Canada that papers from my pockets set 
off metal scanners. Much of that radiation torture took place in Hamilton by 
mobile units and the underground installed electromagnetic cables.  The 
message was loud and clear. Do not talk about my radiated babies and do not 
write 'Fast Track ESP'! Do not even talk about it or anything else about 
radiating foreign populations, interfering with parlemetary elections or 
their modus operandi. Too bad for the spooks because this radiated father is 
screaming loud and clear. Crimes have been commited in my babiesí case and 
God willing there will be jail time for the people involved and the 
electromagnetic and microwave weapons shut down for good. They are weapons 
of war to be used in war. We are not anybodies government lab monkeys to be 
radiated everytime a civil servant decides to pull the switches. The painful 
part of it all is that our tax dollars are being used to buy weapons to be 
used on us. Please feel free to copy and paste this to any politician, 
police, M.P.s. P.M., world media, human rights groups, other MC 
forums...anywhere you think that may generate attention to the weapons and 
of course my babies. We are talking about radiated babies and everyone else 
inbetween. Warm Regards, Russ Warwick, [EMAIL PROTECTED]
162 Kensington Ave. N.
Hamilton, Ontario,
Tel: 905 5446959

>From: Jackson Jeffrey W 1stLt AAC/INA <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Subject: RE: {W&P} Khadafi - Libya
>Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2000 05:54:59 -0800
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> > > Last (not important) point - Qaddafi, not Khadafi.
> > > Belive me, I studied Arabic.
> >
> >   Sorry, I've never seen it written down... thought I came
> > close enough to be understood, though :)
>Geoff, Geof, Jef, Jeff...believe me, I've studied English...
>I'm pretty sure it's correct in both forms as a name, and he probably
>doesn't write it using our alphabet anyway.
>Has anyone seen the National Geographic story on Libya?  It's very
>interesting--Qaddifi's actually quite liberal, it seems.  He forced women's
>suffrage, and he gets mad and chastises them when they don't speak as
>vociferously as he would like them to.  He also says Libyans are free to
>watch whatever they want to on TV, but only the official Libyan channel is
>piped into the hotels because 'foreigners should learn about Libya.'
>It's pretty good...check it out if you're interested.
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