Hi and thanks for your reply. I have felt the full brunt of the CIA included 
attempted murder and druggings. They murdered my brother on a USD 140 
Billion dollar deal. They are presently installing electromagnetic grids and 
using radiation devices on humans all over the world. Radiation kills. The 
CIA, the operatives, and they are all over the world are criminals by the 
definition of their jobs. When they check into a country, they do not say 'I 
am CIA and I am here to steal your secrets, undermine your economy or throw 
your elections. They do not sign the documents legally when smuggling in 
radiation and neruo-electric biological weapons to be used on foreign 
governments and people. The operatives are international criminals and the 
people with the humdrum jobs compiling all of the private information on 
individuals are supporting the worlds largest criminal network. When I say 
largest, I mean largest. They out number the Russians and Chinese both in 
overseas manpower, technology and money to do as they please. Believe me, I 
have seen them operate first hand, and they really do radiate babies. Many 
commit fraud and go under UN cover. As someone told me years ago, if they 
look like CIA then they are not CIA. Most are simply recruited with an offer 
they cannot refuse. In all other appearances, they look and act normal. That 
is the talent that is sought. ...but criminals they are. They also assist in 
criminal investigations, but of course this is not part of the official 
They do not arrest but give intellegce to assist the arrest. Many would be 
more inclined to kill by arranging an accident, suicide or just plain 
disappearance. Blood is messy and attracts attention. Believe me, friend of 
mine have been recrutited during my 20 years in Asia. It was not until they 
started useing radiation weapons in force did I come to the full realization 
of how evil many of them are. Anyways, I have been radiated by them and so 
have my babies. My brother was murdered by them so I tend to say it just the 
way it is,,the way I have seen it and the way many others say it. You have 
not seen what they are presently doing in Asia. Totally out for world 
domination. They are not by themselves. Australia, Britain, NZ, and Canada 
are peas in a pod with the radiation grids that they are presently 
installing under the noses of foreign governmnets over there. Thanks so much 
for your comments, and an exchange of experience and opinions is what makes 
the world go round. Warm Regards, Russ Warwick.

>From: my1vice <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Subject: Re: {W&P} Khadafi - Libya
>Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2000 19:26:36 -0800
>Well...I think I have stated my peace, but your assessment of what CIA is
>and does is way off base.  First off they are not a criminal investigation
>organization like the FBI.  They have no authority to arrest.  Secondly,,
>they are not the largest intelligence agency in the world.  The Russian
>State Security Force (formerly the KGB) is larger.  Our own NSA is much
>larger than the CIA.
>Folks at CIA are very good at what they do.  90% of them are analysts,
>processing raw information into intelligence we can use for secure our
>country in peacetime.  A lot of the jobs at CIA headquarters in McLean, VA
>are boring and tedious...Trust me on that.
>I don't know what else to tell you, but I think if anything you are the
>victim of some very bad information.

>----- Original Message -----
>From: "russell warwick" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Sent: Friday, December 01, 2000 4:59 PM
>Subject: Re: {W&P} Khadafi - Libya
> > Hi this is Russ, I asume it was me that you were refering to. I am in
> > Canada. Thank-you for your response. One thing that I would like to 
> > out is that the CIA is the worlds largest criminal organization that 
> > nothing of radiating babies in foreign countries or here in Canada for
> > matter. By the very nature of their jobs, they are liars, cheats, cons 
> > murderers. Naming them,,(and I have been naming them) would be an act of
> > humanity. They have radiated my babies since conception and have tried 
> > kill me more than once,,,me a father of six. They are a sick ,,out of 
> > organized crime organization that should be exposed for what they are. 
> > present, they are busy gobally, laying clandistine electromagnetic 
> > and installing microwave devices to radiate populations as part of a 
> > ease dropping agenda. Radiation kills and they do not hesitate to kill.
> > Incase it was not me that your letter was directed, below is a small 
> > what I am talking about.. and yes it is political and should be front
> > in discussions around the globe. The radiation equipment they are using 
> > matter of course has to be the grossest crime against humanity , ever.
> > Radiation travels far and wide. There will be many cancers. Once again
> > thank-you for your warm response and advice. Sincerely Russ Warwick.
> >

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