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Hi Carol,, thanks for your responce.. Many of us are well informed and yes 
there are misinformed people and of course people with clear mental 
problems, demons, voices etc. What we are talking about is the blantent use 
of the below mentioned radiation weaponery proliferating by the CIA and 
other terrorists organizations including elements in the UN. I have 
personally been inadvertenly involved in a special paranormal top secret 
unit in Jakarta and Malaysia involving 'English Teachers' the cover term for 
a main intellegence unit based in Asia. They are actively involved in the 
use of the offence weapons. Yes they radiate. We are all aware of the bodies 
bio-electrics and normal background radiation. All radiation effects 
biological structures. In excess, radiation causes free radical damage and a 
host of other diseases. This is what many are complaing about. It is the 
electromagnetic grids that are being installed in Cities around the world 
and an array of microwave and electromagnetic radiation emiters that 
deliberately attack populations as part of various ease dropping operations 
and population control experiments. I have been radiated so badly that my 
body sets off metal scanners as with the ones they use at airports. I have 
seen first hand the equipment and cables being installed in both Indonesia 
and Malaysia. They were well organized  and of course very secrative. The 
operators talk in a special english as to not directly use words such as 
CIA, Radiation, Grids, Electromagnetics, Microwaves, Intellegence (or in 
this case, stupidity?). Radiation, deliberetly emitted into a population is 
a crime against humanity and in breach of international treaty, federal law, 
International law and many local laws. It is not classified information as 
it is all over the internet. What is classified are the names of the 
criminals behind it and unfortunetly, the CIA heads the list. Just because 
they are Civil servants does not make them angels. They are on the sole 
mission to protect the United States interest, even if that is Global 
domination. I personally know of CIA offspring to prostitues in Indonesia 
that have been radiated since birth. My children have been Microwaved and 
Electromagnetically radiated since conception. Ask James Gavin, CIA point 
man of Kuta Beach Bali. He operates the Krakatoa business centre. His 
telephone number is 0361 730849, H. 756704. He is the man to talk to about 
the clandistine grids presently being installed in Bali, Indonesia. There 
are many others. This is what I mean about the cia radiating people and that 
is a crime against humanity. Sincerely Russ Warwick [EMAIL PROTECTED]

The following letter is alarming and vital to the understanding of how
far the issue of psychotronic weapons and projects aimed at controlling
Canadian citizens and people everywhere has progressed. This letter is
dated December 2, 2000.
December 2, 2000 To the attention of any concerned:
Subject: Involuntary Human Experimentation with Non-Ionizing Radiation
Dear Sir or Madam:
As a reference, as far back as 1994 U.S. Senator John Glenn's
publicly-expressed outrage that his government has (once again) been
found to be engaging in brutal forms of involuntary human
experimentation, and his demand, in effect, that any and all forms of
this type of experimentation be exposed was heartening.
A large and growing number of people hoped that the U.S. Senator's
expressed outrage was sincere, and that any investigations are not
simply a means of diverting attention from complaints centering on the
Government's long-term role in involuntary human experiments with
non-ionizing forms of radiation.
For some time now, the U.S. Departments of Defense, Energy and Justice
have openly admitted that directed-energy weapons systems do indeed
exist, complaints of experimentation with these systems can no longer be
ignored.  It would seem that this technology has now enjoyed a large
scale horizontal and vertical multi-National proliferation.
This Letter is focused on complaints concerning experiments with non-
ionizing, so-called "non-lethal," directed-energy weapons, surveillance
and psychotronics systems. In bringing this to your attention, I am
forwarding the interests, currently, of many citizens, who are the
subjects of both vicious forms of overt harassment and concurrent
directed-energy harassment.
Documents detailing Microwave, Acoustic, Psycho-Acoustic Harassment and
Mind-Control Experimentation are widely available, as well as
Testimonials from many hundreds of known and documented victims.
Just as a matter of interest--Defense sponsored "hype" in the media,
make claims as to the non-lethal nature of these technologies or in a
stunning reversal, deny their existence out right. Many of these claims
would appear to be made by those who share a vested, if not economic
interest in the proliferation of these "Products".
They are not gentle systems, as this government would like for the
public to believe. Questions which need to be asked as a preliminary,
are as follows:
1. By what formal means are Canadian Government agencies prevented from
testing "non-lethal", directed-energy weapons, surveillance and
psychotronics systems on Canadian citizens under involuntary
2. By what formal means are Government Contractors and Sub-Contractors
prevented from testing "non-lethal", directed-energy weapons,
surveillance and psychotronics systems on Canadian Citizens under
involuntary circumstances?
3. By what formal means are non-Government Agencies, Private
Corporations, Private Groups, Educational Institutions, Organized Crime
or even well positioned individuals prevented from using "non-lethal",
directed-energy devices, surveillance and psychotronics systems on
Canadian Citizens?
4. Why do Canadian Policies fail to prohibit involuntary human
experimentation with non-ionizing forms of radiation?
5. How many Members of Parliament and of the Administration have
invested in firms which are engaged in the development and testing of
directed-energy systems?
6. Why are Firms from the U.S. and other Countries engaged in the
business of promoting "non-lethal" systems as tools for Law Enforcement
in Canada, many of them being used under the Community Policing
7. Why are these "non-lethal" systems being kept classified, while at
the same time enjoying large scale proliferation at the greater
Commuinty level?  A point can be made that initiatives and operations
that are being conducted at the greater Community level can hardly be
considered classified.
8. Where is the test data on the efficacy of these directed-energy
weapons, surveillance and psychotronics systems being obtained, and who
in the Canadian Government specifically, is overseeing these
9. Why are complaints by Canadian Citizens dealing with directed-energy
harassment and experimentation being ignored, while at the same time
detailed reports have already been presented to various European and
U.S. Governments in an attempt to address legitament
concerns surrounding the proliferation of these Technologies.
In ending, this is a problem which the Government of Canada can ill
afford to ignore. There are many angry people in this country who have
been violated with these experiments. It may do well to remind
ourselves that not all experimentees have been kept effectively
isolated. A number of experimentees recognize the rapidly burgeoning
numbers of new experimentees.  Many have also become well seasoned to
the mental illness ploy incorporated as a cover-up for this
experimentation. At present they must use their own resources and
efforts to guide and aid newly targeted individuals in the right
direction. We can only hope that others who are also concerned may be
prompted to do the same so that this issue can be brought to some level
of open inquiry.

>Subject: Re: {W&P} Khadafi - Libya
>Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2000 14:24:40 -0800
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>Considering the seriousness of experiments with radiation and suggestion
>that this technology is being grossly misused.  I suggest concerned
>people go their local libraries and look up electromagnetic spectrum and
>Think about being ignorant of how life works and hearing there are demons
>who can possess people's souls and witches who are possessed by the devil
>and forced to do the devils evil work.  Then think what knowledge can do.
>  My point is, if you are concerned, get  scientific information.
>May the man with 6 children, please, use birth control, because over
>population is one of the worst  threats to our planet.  CS
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