I wish those who chose to war, would lead the soldiers as they did long
ago.  At the front with their own lives on the line.

It is my understanding Vietnam was a test of a new military strategy,
where the military decisions were made by those safe in the United
States.  I think the military action was welcomed as a good test for our
developing military technology, because obviously the country was not a
threat to us.  For that matter, the threat of the USSR was exaggerated,
and justified the 1958 National Defense Education Act, that proceeded
social upheaval, and explosion of bad parents and a national youth
crisis, and Bush's announcement that we the New World Order.

I am not sure, but I think we greatly underestimated the effect of air 
warfare on our society and the world.    Our present technology and the
resources of the United States  were the essential elements to the New
World Order, and we have been preparing our young to serve it, same as
was done in Germany, following the Prussian take over.  The citizens have
no control over their military forces, because we can be in and out of
war, long before a protest can be mobilized, and we sure aren't deciding
who gets, how much of our military technology.   In fact how many know we
granted arms to the Mid East while Reagan was in office.  At the same
time we slashed domestic budgets.  CS

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