Title: RE: {W&P} Make it a rule ....
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> It is my understanding Vietnam was a test of a new military strategy,

I would call that a test of a new political strategy.  The military had no say in the matter.

> developing military technology, because obviously the country
> was not a threat to us.

That's easy to say now -- without the perceived, whether real or not, threat of mutually assured destruction and the domino theory and such.  It was seen by many as a very real threat at the time.

> For that matter, the threat of the USSR was exaggerated

We were at the brink of war for 50 years, and you call that exaggerated?

They may not have had as many missiles as we thought they had, but they still had enough destroy our country.  I wouldn't call that exaggerated.

> In fact how  many know we granted arms to the Mid East
> while Reagan was in office.  At the same time we slashed domestic budgets.

And ended the Cold War by outspending the Russians.  Is that a less worthy outcome than that of most domestic programs?


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