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>From: JS Russell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>(TH)The Florida Supreme Court violated that by arbitrarily changing the law
>and setting new standards... in essence, stealing the power that belongs to
>the Florida Legislature.
>Have you never heard of contesting an election? Recall, prior to
>certification, that the Bush team was saying that Gore should not block the
>certification, because from there he could contest? Now, the argument is
>that the election has been certified and nothing can be done. Tremendous.
>There are statutes for hand recounts, and there are methods for contesting

Yes, but the FL SC is not following the statutes.  It arbitrarily set its 
own standards.

>(TH)"...the Electors shall be chosen by the State Legislatures" not the
>The courts aren't selecting the electors. They are merely directing the
>county canvassing boards to count votes. Vast difference.

OK.  Well then, why do *you* think the U.S. Supreme Court intervened?

>(TH)BTW, a poll shows that ~60% of Americans want the counting to stop and
>the Florida State Legislature to just select a bank of Electors.
>Remember the exit polls that put Gore ahead? If we are going to make
>decisions based on polls....

Well, don't you support Democracy?  What's more Democratic than a poll?

Anyway, I was merely pointing out what the current opinions are.  I don't 
believe in Democracy.  I think we should follow the Law.


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