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>From: JS Russell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Be honest and admit rather that
>your argument is that you disagree with their interpretation.

That's simply not true.

The FL SC ruled that recounts should include dimpled and pregnant chads.  
First, no such law exists, so that's an arbitrary theft of power by the 
Court from the Legislature.  Second, dimpled and pregnant chads are NOT 
indications of votes.  They can just as easily be damage from handling while 
the voters are waiting in line (fingernails cause dimples/moisture causes 
pregnant chads... as the patent holder testified).

>And I have greater faith in the Florida jurists and the Supreme Court
>jurists to interpret the law than I have in your abilities to do the same.
>If you think we should follow the law, you have to accept who the arbiters
>of the law are in this country - that's the law, too, you know. Marbury vs.
>Madison, baby.

INTERPRET law..... not make it.


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