> The Australian ballots I've seen have 5 lines.  You list the candidates you 
> like, best to worst.  That's basically 5 votes... unless of course, you 
> choose to leave some lines blank.

Interesting idea.

I'm in the process of starting an Ezine about Integrity in
Politics. The first issue went out today (you can view it also
at http://integrity-in-politics.com/ ) and if you're thinking
about how US election could be improved you'll be interested in
at least two articles there.

I'm considering "Politics and war" as a possible theme for a
future issue and I'm wondering how much interest there would
be among the participants of this list to write something about
this theme for the ezine. Please respond by private email.

Warm greetings, Norbert.

>Strengthen your integrity and it will become your key success factor!
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