(CS)1. We are respectful to everyone because we are respectful people.
2. We act with dignity and protect the dignity of others.
3. We act with integrity.

(CS)When we live by these rules, we can do far more good then when we
criticize, demand and reject others. These rules are not how the
military does things and the difference is a serious political issue.

I am utterly amazed at the things you can say. At root, they display such a 
lack of understanding of that which you are discussing as to be worthy of 
consideration as satire. Perhaps not at all times or everywhere, but you can 
be certain that the above rules are eaten, breathed, slept in the military 
of this country. It may fit the overarching premise that the military is 
some tool of evil and chaos, but it does not fit with reality. Go read about 
the core values of the Marine Corps if you doubt me. Do they get it right, 
everywhere and every person? Of course not. Perfection would mean arrogance, 
and we cannot chance that. But do they strive? Yes.

As to the rules of the forum, they exist to make this a more interesting 
place for the largest number of people. If there were no rule about zero 
content messages, we would run rampant with everyone's cuttings and pastings 
from their favorite media outlet. I am not here to read what you - or anyone 
else - thinks is good "news." I am here to discourse with people. One may be 
sensitive and see it as a criticism, but that is too bad - they signed on 
knowing full well the rules under which they would participate. Nobody is 
EVER criticised for their ability to put words together - they are 
criticised for NOT putting words together, but merely taking advantage of 
the laziness the technology allows by cutting and pasting, by showing zero 

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