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Please, if my logic is wrong correct me.  This is a sincere request.

My military order concern is also a bureaucratic and social order
concern, that starts with the German education philosophy that all babies
are born with blank brains and anything can be written on them if the
right technic is used.  When we look at this one way, it is a great
contribution to democracy.  It meant opening all fields to anyone who
learned the technological skill for doing the job, in contrast to once
practiced system of inheriting position and even craftsmen positions,
passed on from father to son and locking out anyone not already in the
circle.  England rejected Germany's technological education to protect
its classes.  Eisenhower praised the Germans for their contribution to

The problem I see is the specialization and the military order which
results in a mechanical society.  In a modern bureaucracy people are
suppose to be chosen by merit, meaning they pass test for technological
skill.  (their character and social skills could make them poorly suited
for job and this is a problem with a technological focus)  Every job is
narrowly defined, so everyone put in the position does the job exactly as
the person before.  Now you can dumb down your society, because everyone
is specialized and fit into the machine, where independent thinking is
not necessary, only the specialized technological skill and willingness
to obey authority.

My reference was to this practice of merit and specialization, which is
ideological different from the democracy we had before adopting the blank
brain theory, which by the way, assumes the state has authority to write
on these blank brains, and education for technology which is producing
products for industry.    If my information or logic is wrong, please
correct it, without personal attacks on my character.  CS

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