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At last a meaningful discussion- 

When we entered the cold war, Eisenhower, asked congress for the National
Defense Education Act that focused education on technology for military
defense needs.  After the cold war we shifted to industrial technology,
but we didn't return to the education we had before this act.  The act
had a 4 year limit and I think there would have been opposition to it if
there had been public discussion, or if those who voted for it, knew it
would result in a permanent change in education.  

This act also introduced IQ testing so that teachers could select out
those best suited for higher education, for National Defense needs.  Both
the focus of the education and the IQ testing radically changed how we
evaluate each other, and lead to the popular opinion that teachers
shouldn't have to spend time on poor students.  Other major social
changes followed this change in education, to the point it is
questionable if we are what we defended in two world wars, or if we are
the New World Order that Hitler spoke of.  If this is the case what are
we defending?  

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